Saniblanc®, complete poultry sanitation

Welcome to the home of the Saniblanc range of products - dry powder sanitisation for the modern poultry farm, DEFRA-approved sanitisation for indoors and outdoors and proven to be effective against all major diseases and infections in poultry runs and houses.

Saniblanc D - poultry and animal protection against all major infections

Saniblanc D is a new organic product for chicken, poultry and animal sanitation and sanitisation.

Saniblanc D can improve poultry hygiene and prevent poultry infection. This new product aids poultry biosecurity and can prevent all major infections, including coccidia, brachyspira, coccodiosis, salmonella and marek's disease, providing a safe, clean soil disinfectant for chicken, poultry and other farmed animals.

Spread over farmland, and safe to poultry and other livestock within 24 hours, it will kill many types of bacteria, spores, viruses and parasites that affect farm animals.

Saniblanc D is a product of Lhoist – the world's leading producer of lime and dolomite, employing 6,400 people worldwide.

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