How it works

Saniblanc® D works in three ways, by temperature, pH and water absorption; in more detail

Temperature Increase

The exothermic reaction of Saniblanc® D with water creates a sudden temperature rise, to over 70oC in a matter of minutes, destroying all but the most thermally resistant organisms.

Raising pH

Saniblanc® D maintains a sterile alkaline environment in excess of pH 12 for sustained periods over 24 hours.

Water Absorption

During reaction of Saniblanc® D with water, up to 650 litres of water per tonne of Saniblanc® D can be absorbed. This means that the treated area is rapidly dried and any water absorbed, leaving a more stable and sanitary environment.

An added benefit of using Saniblanc® D is its deodorizing effect which prevents odours by killing off the biological organisms that cause insect attracting odours, Saniblanc® D also prevents fermentation of the effluent which further reduces odours.