Saniblanc® D is a natural product derived from limestone which has been used for disinfection purposes for centuries.

The earliest archaeological evidence for lime burning is a kiln from Mesopotamia dating c.2450 BC. Roman lime kilns have been found in Britain but in the post Roman period there is very little evidence for lime burning until the 12th Century where remains of a lime kiln were found in Guildford, Surrey. The use of lime for building during Medieval times is well documented and began the widespread historical use of lime for building and agriculture ever since.

It is widely geographically available all over the world. It is already used in both agricultural applications (as liming material for soil improvement), and a wide range of environmental applications (drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, sludge treatment, flue gas treatment).

The Lhoist Group have been supplying products to the European agriculture market since 1889, with products for crop and soil improvement and for animal health.