Saniblanc® D has been tested thoroughly by DEFRA, Institute Pasteur Lille and the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC).

The DEFRA information is available in the ‘certification’ section of this website.

The effect of Saniblanc® D against H5N1 can best be summarised as follows;

The first scientific study on the inactivation of H5N1 virus by lime was performed in 2007 by the Institute Pasteur de Lille (IPL).in partnership with EuLA, the Japan Lime Association and the Canadian Lime Institute. This study, carried out in accordance with French and European standards for determination of virucidal activity of disinfectants[1], clearly shows the efficiency and rapidity of lime for H5N1 virus inactivation (within 5 minutes at 4°C). Professor Vialette (IPL) presented the results of the study to the international scientific community at the International Conference on Avian Influenza (Bangkok, 23-25 January 2008). The abstract and poster have been published in the conference proceedings.

The disinfectant effect of Saniblanc® D on outdoor area’s, as tested by the SAC can best be summarised as follows;

“All treatments had significantly reduced bacterial counts compared to the control plots (Figure 1). Even the 300 g/m2 level of Saniblanc application achieved the required 4 log10 reduction in bacterial counts. No significant improvement in disinfectant efficacy was seen when higher levels of application were used.”

Full reports from Institute Pasteur and SAC are confidential but can be requested from: