Outdoor uses

Saniblanc® D is best used outdoors, most popularly used in the pasture area adjacent to the poultry sheds, which as we know is most heavily trafficked by the flock and the most likely to be contaminated by droppings.

Spreading Saniblanc® D in this area will have an immediate effect on the potentially harmful organisms that can thrive in this environment; an instant temperature rise will destroy most bacteria and harmful organisms after a few minutes.

Saniblanc® D will then maintain the surface at an elevated pH for up to 3 months after treatment, the rotovating effect of the bird’s feet will also mix Saniblanc® D into the soil surface creating a sanitary and safe environment that harmful bacteria will find inhospitable.

It is of course important to follow the guidelines for use elsewhere on this site, but it is clear that regular use of Saniblanc® D will greatly improve the pasture areas around free range and organic poultry sheds and promote a healthy and efficient outdoor flock.

Saniblanc® D is not recommended for use indoors where bedding material may be present; Saniblanc® D reacts strongly with moisture and can present a fire risk in some cases.

Indoor scratching areas and the general shed floor can be treated with Saniblanc® D in between flocks if the guidelines for use are followed.