Using Saniblanc D

Dose: 500 g/ m2

Packaging: 25 kg bags (1000 kg per pallet).1000kg bags

Instructions for use:

Pre-wet ground as necessary

Sprinkle Saniblanc® D at the above dosage rate of 500 g/ m2 Leave to act for at least 24 hours before bringing in poultry Make sure that the thermal reaction is finished; this can be tested by temperature probe or manually by hand As a precaution the user may want to re-wet the ground to be certain the full reaction has taken place


Saniblanc® D is used externally during the normal sanitation cycle of the poultry production unit, that is to say when sanitisation of the building is carried out prior to housing a new flock.

For added peace of mind Saniblanc® D can also be used to sanitise poultry runs when the flock is in place given the above precautions, it is common to reapply if the ground becomes muddy or unstable and the drying effect of Saniblanc® D is required as well as additional sanitisation.

Saniblanc® D is perfectly safe and will not harm the birds if the above guidelines are followed.

Protective equipment must be worn whilst handling or applying Saniblanc D, these must include:

  • dust mask,
  • nitrile impregnated gloves,
  • tight fitting goggles with side shields or wide vision full goggles,
  • clothing fully covering skin with close fittings at openings
  • Footwear resistant to caustics and avoiding dust penetration.